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Learn to teach about
sustainable development

EduGems empowers teachers and
schools to be ambassadors for change with online teacher training.

Transformative competences urgently needed

We help individual teachers and entire schools around the world to strengthen their capabilities for the holistic transformation.

Apply Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) effectively

Our emphasis is on empowering teachers and schools to be ambassadors for the change – by coaching them to plan their own ESD practices. Only then they will own their own change and innovate a direction towards the better!

Online teacher training

EduGems teacher training participants will be introduced to the most important topic a teacher can teach their students – Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). The online course provides innovative research-based practices of how, why and what to include regarding ESD in schools. The Curriculum is based on EduGems founder Dr. Juntunen’s extensive research in ESD. EduGems’ programs are certified by Education Alliance Finland.

Start learning today! Individual teachers can enroll, purchase and study online training modules on EduGems´s online academy.

Is your school ready to face global challenges?

We need more qualified teachers in the work towards a more sustainable world and we cannot do it without the input from more teachers around the world. If more than two teachers from one school are joining the course, please contact us ( to discuss about our tailored solution for schools.

3 000+

have participated
to our training


we’ve had participants
from over 40 countries


Incredibly happy teachers!

“Our mission is to inspire and help teachers around the world in integrating Education for Sustainable Development into all areas of education.”

Take learning into practice

Most teacher trainings include practical projects, where the ideas are based on local needs and aim to create collaborative actions.

Superpowers through ESD and positive pedagogy

In Moldova, Science, Chemistry and Biology subjects teachers were invited to cooperate. They showed in their schools education that really matters for the future. “Parents were impressed by the motivation of their kids searching and exploring information about the materials, how they are used and what the reason is for the raw materials.”

Vasile Alecsandri Theoretical Lyceum, Moldova

E-waste management ambassadors

In Mexico, teachers are working on “E-WASTE”: a project that seeks to minimise electronic waste pollution through collaboration between the educational sector and the private sector. “This project was born as a result of the training that EduGems has provided to our school.”

Colegio Stratford, Mexico

Read more about customer cases from around the world in EduGems Adademy. 


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Student testimonials

The education of sustainable goals is enlightening as well as an eye opener of the importance of the greater power of nature. Children will need to appreciate and learn to preserve it to empower their learning journey. I would definitely want to come back again to look into more of module 1.

– Alpa Tropani, teacher

There are things we take for granted but education should not be one of them nor should the thinking “once a teacher, always a teacher” mold our thinking. Cultures vary so much and so does education in different parts of the world that we need to understand that we actually are members of a global village with the same needs of good education that reaches its goals. I think this course (module 1) is a very good tool towards that.

– Leena Aho, teacher


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