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What is STEAM?

The STEAM pedagogy always involves two or more approaches from Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math.

This means phenomenal lessons, during which the students take an active role to collaboratively construct new knowledge. The STEAM activities at EduGems courses develop students’ insights into learning to learn and solving real-world problems. The quality of EduGems pedagogy is ensured by providing a research-based and certified teaching structure, which is in line with the National Core Curriculum in Finland.

The main goals of learning

The EduGems STEAM pedagogy focuses on two inspiring learning goals:

1) The big pictures of the World’s Megatrends and Socio-scientific issues – in relation to sustainable development – are carefully selected by our well trained Ph.D. or M.Sc. Educators. In their guidance, the students can place the formal science facts they previously learned in school into a bigger picture. These hands-on STEAM approaches involve topics such as creating new kinds of polymers, cosmetics or foods.

2) The 5C’s of the 21st Century Skills: Collaboration, Communication, Critical thinking, Creativity and Career readiness. In practice, these means e.g. encouraging the students to ask questions and create arguments in teams, and learning to take thoughtful risks based on one’s own learning passions – in relation to sustainable development. 

New learner generations

The brains of young individuals are unforeseenly brave and flexible. Today, any individual can become a specialist of novel innovations: the information is distributed. Many critical technologies for making a novel business idea fly high are either openly shared or cheap to buy. The common goal of humankind can be to create a better quality of life for everyone – e.g. a safer, healthier and cleaner future.

At EduGems, we cultivate the higher order thinking skills and inner motivation to studying in order to create Aha-moments: the huge opportunities making a change can create for us! To succeed, we all need to learn in practice, how to change the old, fossil fuel based, linear business models. The megatrends of the World are anyway and every day rapidly changing everything. 

Our students at EduGems are the innovators, educators, leaders, and learners of the 21st century. We embrace holistic STEAM learning, where the students learn to use applied knowledge to create more sustainable career possibilities.

EduGems teachers and staff are unbelievably and passionately hooked on life-long STEAM learning. We love learning! As far as I am concerned, the students always feel it <3.

See you in our courses!

Marianne Juntunen
Dr. in Education, Founder