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Get to know EduGems

EduGems story began when two Finnish mums – Linda and Marianne – with an exceptional passion for and experience of education – found each other.

EduGems Finland was founded in 2019 as a response to the huge interest in Finnish educational travel programs. Finland is known for its high education standard. As a response to Covid-19 and with all travel programs being cancelled, EduGems Finland created an e-learning platform to still be able to reach out to teachers and schools directly worldwide. 

EduGems Oy is the only Finnish ESD training export company. Since spring 2019, the founders have self-funded the activities in which a lean-startup business model has been used to pilot the scaling up of an ESD training pathway. EduGems has already trained more than 4500 teachers in over 40 countries!

The research-based school STEAM4SD program combines STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) with Sustainable Development (SD) – covering holistic topics such as Materials, Circular Economy, Eco-Design and Megatrends. Teachers and their students experience the Finnish way of learning through student-centered, project- and phenomenon-based approaches.

So here YOU are today, joining us from all parts of the world! 

The online teacher trainings put emphasis on the urgent need to integrate Education for Sustainable Development into all areas of education. There is a  global lack of lessons where students are empowered to use their capacity to understand wicked, systemic global challenges. EduGems Finland’s trainings give teachers concrete tools and ideas for how to use student-centered project-based, phenomenal approaches.

EduGems’ team has kept growing and already includes several talented and enthusiastic members. We have now representatives in Finland, Nepal, China, Latin America and India.

Meet the team

Marianne Juntunen

Founder & Dr. in Chemistry education, M.Sc. (Chemistry and mathematics education), M.Sc. (Technical microbiology), LUMA mentor

Contact Marianne, while learning ESD if you wish to have support on your action ideas.

Linda Suomela-Hemangkorn

Customer Success Manager, Founder

Contact Linda, if you need assistance with our courses, technical issues, certifications, payments and general inquiries. 

Parshuram S. Niraula

 International Management and Training director,

Contact Parshuram, in any issue related to ESD and Nepal!

Dr. Poornima V.

Country Representative of EduGems,

Contact Poornima, in any question related to EduGems in India!

Karla Soto

Event and Public Relations Manager,
Latin America

Contact Karla, if you need assistance in Spanish and for collaboration opportunities in Latin America.


“By year 2030 EduGems has equipped one million educators with skills and knowledge to teach ESD.”


“We support schools to integrate holistic ESD competences to curricula with an innovative, transformational and empowering approach.”

Greetings from Finland

Finland is known for its high education standard. EduGems Finland offers teachers and schools education and training programs and lesson plans that are based on Education for Sustainable Development and future skills pedagogy.