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Future Innovators, hands-on STEAM4SD program for Schools

Let’s integrate STEAM Education for Sustainable Development into everyday life and curricula! Apply by March 15th, 2023.

Future Innovators -program

Learn to apply phenomenon-based and student-centered circular economy learning examples with Edugems Finland! Future Innovators offers high-quality and research-based lessons for students – combining Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) for Sustainable Development (SD). Let’s learn together how we can solve global problems through education and how we can support students’ 21st century skills in a fun, meaningful and empowering way! Your main trainer, Dr. Juntunen, was awarded in 2016 as the most Innovative Science Teacher in Finland and now your school can learn with her.

For who?

Future Innovators STEAM4SD is for all schools who want to strengthen their ESD approach and equip their teachers and students with skills needed in the building of a more sustainable world.


Program info

The program fee 3 900 € includes 10 user accounts for teachers to EduGems Academy including 8-week ESD teacher training (beginner/ intermediate and advanced), and a one year access to all EduGems teacher training materials, teacher resources and student materials. We support school and teachers with:

  • Daily chat and support on EduGems Academy’s e-learning platform.
  • Kickoff and program end consultation sessions for school.
  • Feedback survey with impact evaluation.

Application timeline until March 15th, 2023.

Apply by March 15th
Program starts as agreed


ESD teacher training

The 8-week ESD teacher training, included to the program, is mainly self-paced with videos, audios, reading materials, quizzes and conversation around the main topics in EduGems Academy. All needed resources are given to help and make it time efficient for the teacher: Teacher guides in printable form as well as video presentations, story-based lesson plans, student workbook and ppt slides. Training is completed when the teachers submits a learning report for review and feedback. Teachers need approximately 25 hours to complete full training including 5 hours of practical tasks with students.


Student materials

The program materials include: story-based introduction powerpoint slides a printable workbook for each topic strength based certificates.

Materials that are required of the school for successful completion of the program: papers, pens, computers, printer and microwave. Hands-on STEAM projects completed with students use only commonly found materials. Future Innovators STEAM4SD school program includes ready-made lessons plans and student materials to Junior Gems and Teen Gems.

8-12 years old

Junior Gems

1. Materials around me.
2. Life-cycles of products.
3. Bioplastics.

BONUS: Promise tree

Topics: Plastics, metals and other materials, recycling, circular economy, micro-plastics, eco-design introduction.

13-18 years old

Teen Gems

1. Life-cycle of a product
2. Eco-cosmetics
3. Eco-town

Topics: Eco-design, climate change, recycling, circular economy, natural cosmetics, urban planning.


Hands-on ESD and STEAM lessons

The hands-on ESD and STEAM Future Innovators program and teacher training have a solid research base; they are based on EduGems curriculum, which has been developed using models such as Palmer’s (1998) tree model of environmental education, the bicycle model of climate education (Cantell et al., 2019) and the European Green Comp framework for sustainability education (Bianchi et al., 2022). In addition, the Finnish Basic Education Curriculum (2014) and the best practices of teachers were collected in the doctoral thesis of Dr. Juntunen (2015), complemented by the latest research findings in the field are applied.

Program benefits


You will strengthen your school’s ESD brand or take the first step towards including ESD in your curriculum. Schools will design an ESD action plan, and be encouraged to form a ESD action group with students.

Program benefits


You will be a part of a growing community of schools sharing the same goal:

equipping their students with empowering and proactive skills.

Program benefits


Future Innovators programme supports students’ discovery, action and collaboration skills with holistic, phenomenon based, student-centered high-quality STEAM and ESD lesson plans.

Teacher testimonials


This training truly represents the modern 21st century pedagogy and Finnish educational expertise. It is a pure joy to follow a training that is based on scientific research and the trainer’s own experience as a teacher. I warmly recommend this training to anyone interested in sustainable development in education!”

— Johanna Järvinen-Taubert, Pedagogical Director, Learning Scoop, Finland


“This training was a very useful way for me to remind myself about the materials around us and how little things & changes can actually make a big difference in the long term. The training was a very good fit as we are currently developing a nature laboratory and therefore, I have used this opportunity to already plan some of our materials at the school laboratory EXPERIO Roche.”

— Henni-Karoliina Ropponen, School Laboratory EXPERIO Roche, Switzerland


Evidence based learning outcomes


Teachers strengthen their abilities for the student-centered and phenomenon-based applied approaches (95% of participants in self-evaluation)


The collaborative creation process of the students was encouraged.


Enhanced learning of students: meaning of science studies and understanding of products.


Improved 21st century, argumentation and life-cycle thinking skills.


Ability to integrate elements of ESD into various subject areas after the practical unit.


Teachers’ evaluate increase of their students motivation to study science with a mean value 9.4/10.

School program in three steps

1. Discovery

School lead and teachers participate in online ESD training (20hrs). The ESD teacher training available for beginners/intermediate level and advanced level (coming soon).

Discovery Gems encourage learners to discover the variable systems around us. There, the strategic and future thinking skills are highlighted. Discovering wicked systems and especially the reasons why to act, is brightening up the learners’ own core values. After recognizing the values, the inner-motivation will rise to make changes on business-as-usual norms.

Outcomes: Participants apply the learned knowledge in collaboration and take concrete actions to incorporate ESD to school; School wide ESD action plan and ESD action group. Integrate ESD to school mission and curricula.

2. Action

Action Gems gently push us to act for planetary sustainability. Participation in planning and making real-life changes generates hope to overcome the obstacles and wicked challenges.

Outcomes: Teachers plan together a multidisciplinary learning module using the given Future Innovators STEAM4SD lesson plans. Students will complete projects and workbook with the teacher.

3. Collaboration

Schools will be encouraged to share their experiences online as well as to parents. End of program feedback and evaluation. Presentation of projects. Certificates to teachers and students.

Collaboration Gems emphasizes the meaningfulness of acting as a group. Acting for changes is often demanding. Thus, the support you can get from people sharing similar planetary values, generates hope and security. Collaboration also increases motivation and activist identity.

Outcomes: The school has taken concrete action steps towards ESD in terms of action plan, action group, ESD teacher training, STEAM and ESD projects with students. ESD will be an integral part of everyday school life going forward.

Apply to the School program if you:

  • look for innovative ways to incorporate ESD to school curricula
  • want to get teachers, students and parents excited about ESD
  • support students 21st century skills.
  • trust their school’s teachers and encourage continuous training
  • are looking for a trusted partner for motivation, support and guidance

Application timeline until March 15th, 2023.