March 16.-20.2020 & August 10.-14.2020 in espoo, finland

Circular solutions & Ecodesign

Do you wish to learn new hands-on ideas for STEAM teaching? In Finland, during March 16.-20.2020, you have the chance to participate in a teacher training, where you will learn hands-on elementary level activities and pedagogies. The focus is on designing new carbon-clever, circular solutions for kids’ daily-life!

You will get:

  • Access to EduGems’ phenomenal, story-related new teaching tools
  • Engaging new hands-on ideas to be utilised in your own teaching
  • A practical book (Juntunen, 2016) in English, Chinese or Spanish about Sustainable Development in Science and Mathematics Education
  • Experience of teacher education in Finland, as the training utilises similar methods as the teacher education in Finland
  • Learn to learn like our trusted teachers in Finland do for their life long learning
  • Visits to interesting places
  • Lunches and coffees 
  • Strength-based diploma



Beijing Normal University at LUMA Center Finland, 2019, in EduGems training:  ”Inquiry-based learning and argumentation in the context of sustainable development”  

The trainer is an awarded science teacher with +10 years experience of teaching: lector, Dr. Juntunen (also M. Sc. in Chemistry and M. Sc. in Technical Microbiology).

More details and information:


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