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Teachers are in the front line of the transformation

We need every teacher’s educational drive to ensure that all learners can develop a sustainability mindset and acquire the knowledge and skills needed.

This urgent need is even stated in UN Sustainable Development goal 4, target 4.7. EduGems’ trainings foster systems thinking, argumentation skills, reflecting and give practical guidance how to promote change for the better. At EduGems have a holistic approach that incorporates the best pedagogical practices from the Finnish education system.

ESD Training steps

Self-paced training academy

In our online academy you can enroll, purchase and study the courses. Upon purchase you receive immediate access to the learning materials.

The courses includes self-study, interactive and practical project learning. Upon successful completion participants will receive EduGems Finland Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Award.

ESD training programme

Curriculum based on extensive research

EduGems Curriculum is designed by STEM specialist Dr. Marianne Juntunen from Finland. Dr. Juntunen is known as one of LUMA Center Finland’s STEM specialists and LUMA Center Lapland’s former steering group member for promoting science education in various tasks nationally and globally.

The Curriculum is based on her extensive research in Education for Sustainable Development in Science. The concepts of the dissertation of Dr. Juntunen “Holistic and inquiry- based education for sustainable development in chemistry” resulted in changes in the National core curriculum in Finland – top ranked education system in the world.

Dr. Juntunen has gained praise as one of the best educators in Finland; she has been nominated in year 2016 by national LUMA award as one of Finland’s most innovative STEAM teacher, especially in sustainable development issues. EduGems’ programs are certified by Education Alliance Finland.


Finland is known for its high education standard. EduGems Finland offers teachers and schools trainings and materials based on Education for Sustainable Development and future skills pedagogy.


In EduGems modules, the STEAM pedagogy involves two or more approaches from Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and the Arts. The STEAM activities at EduGems courses develop students’ insights into learning to learn and solving real-world problems.

21st century skills

Our STEAM pedagogy focuses on the 5C’s of the 21st Century Skills: Collaboration, Communication, Critical thinking, Creativity and Career readiness. In practice, these means e.g. encouraging the students to ask questions and create arguments in teams, and learning to take thoughtful risks based on one’s own learning passions – in relation to sustainable development.


The quality of EduGems pedagogy is ensured by providing a research-based and certified teaching structure, which is in line with the National Core Curriculum in Finland. Learn to teach about transformation and apply sustainable development – from Finland!