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Participants will get: 


For Children 8-17 years

Learn hands-on future skills and knowledge at our theme-workshops based on the National Core Curriculum of Finland.​ Our themes in 2020 are:

1) How can your Science studies benefit your future career? Introduction to practical STEAM learning methods in Finland. 

2) Introduction on Water protection and management issues

3) Circular economy: What is it in practice?

4) Molecular gastronomy - Fun and tasty science with Finnish flavour

5) The simple and wicked solutions of climate change


For Parents & Teachers

How can teaching in school be connected to future skills and the everyday life of children? Learn hands-on how to develop children’s confidence and problem solving skills with a Finnish touch to teaching. Our themes in 2020 are:

1) The 21st Century Skills & National Core Curriculum in Finland 

2) LUMA Finland activities as a support for teachers presented by a LUMA mentor Dr. Juntunen

3) Inquiry-based learning and argumentation in the context of sustainable development

4) The hot spots of positive pedagogy in the context of science teaching

5) Early hands-on mathematics education indoors and outdoors


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